Citrix Certified Professional - Mobility (CCP - M) Sample Questions

To make you familiar with the Citrix CCP-M (1Y0-371) certification exam structure, we have prepared this sample question set. We suggest you to try our Demo CCP-M Certification Practice Exam to test your understanding of Citrix CCP-M exam process with real Citrix certification exam environment.

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CCP-M Sample Questions:

01. A Citrix Engineer recently upgraded several iOS devices to iOS 7.x and wants to apply a XenMobile Device Manager restriction policy to these devices to prevent document sharing between applications.
Which step must the engineer take to meet the needs of this scenario?
a) Disable the 'Allow pairing with non-Configurator hosts' policy.
b) Set the 'Document exchange (Open In)' policy to restricted.
c) Disable the 'Allow iCloud documents and data' policy.
d) Disable the 'Allow documents from managed apps in unmanaged apps' policy.
02. An App Controller appliance has been imported into a XenServer pool and a Citrix Engineer needs to access the appliance to perform the initial Express Setup. Which task could the engineer perform from the initial Express Setup menu?
a) Create a certificate signing request.
b) Configure NTP Server.
c) Configure High Availability.
d) Configure the Host name.
03. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to deploy an internal application to mobile users with iPads. The application will be deployed from XenMobile Device Manager.Which action should the engineer take first to upload the application?
a) Browse to the .mdx file in the 'Applications' tab.
b) Browse to the .apk file in the 'Applications' tab.
c) Browse to the .ipa file in the 'Applications' tab.
d) Specify the App store URL of the application in the 'Applications' tab.
04. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to add as a Subnet IP (SNIP) through the NetScaler command-line interface. The SNIP will be used to provide connectivity to devices on another subnet. Management access is required through the SNIP. Which command should the engineer use?
a) add ns ip -type snip -mgmtaccess ENABLED
b) add ns ip -mask -type SNIP -mgmtaccess ENABLED
c) add ns ip -type SNIP -mgmtaccess ENABLED
d) add ns ip -type SNIP -ssh ENABLED -restrictaccess DISABLED
05. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the WorxWeb mobile application. Management only wants the application to communicate with MDX applications. Communication with native applications should be blocked.
Which MDX policy configuration must the engineer make to meet this requirement?
a) Set Document Exchange to 'Blocked'.
b) Set Network access to 'Restricted'.
c) Set Private file encryption to 'Application'.
d) Set Document Exchange to 'Restricted'.
06. Scenario: A Citrix Engineer provides access to an MDX application for iPad to the company’s Sales department employees using Worx Home. The Sales department is able to access the application without issue. The Sales Manager informed the engineer that they are adding several new employees during the next quarter. Which two actions could the engineer take to ensure that the new employees have access to applications through Worx Home?
(Choose two.)
a) Configure the Active Directory account for the new employee to include a First name, Last name, and Department.
b) Synchronize the latest Active Directory information on the App Controller.
c) Make sure that the new employee’s Active Directory account is part of a Group associated with the MDX application’s assigned Roles.
d) Check the LDAP configuration on the App Controller.
07. Scenario: XenMobile has been selected as the new mobility solution for an organization. The organization currently has a Citrix XenApp environment with remote access provided through NetScaler ICA Proxy. A Citrix Engineer needs to redesign the email access solution for remote users and the organization requires that the new solution integrate with the native iOS Mail. Which component should be implemented to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario?
a) XenMobile NetScaler Connector
b) Secure Mobile Gateway
c) WorxMail
d) Secure Mobile Gateway
08. What is the recommended procedure for reverting an App Controller high availability (HA) pair to a previous snapshot? 
a) Disable high availability, shut down the secondary node and import the snapshot to the primary node, restart the primary node.
b) Import the snapshot to the secondary node, import the snapshot to the primary node and restart the primary node.
c) Shut down the secondary node, import the snapshot to the primary node, and restart the primary node, start the secondary node.
d) Disable high availability, shut down the primary node and import the snapshot to the secondary node, start the primary node.
09. Which connection type is used when WorxWeb for iOS is configured to use Secure Browse mode?
a) Full VPN
b) Micro VPN
c) Clientless VPN
d) STA Tunnel
10. Which two actions does a Citrix Engineer need to take on the NetScaler to allow a user to access web and SaaS applications from App Controller?
(Choose two.)
a) Create the Clientless Access policy.
b) Create the Session policy and profile.
c) Bind the App Controller certificate to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
d) Add the App Controller as a Secure Ticket Authority.



Answer: d


Answer: b




Answer: c


Answer: d


Answer: b, c


Answer: a


Answer: c


Answer: c


Answer: a, b

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